Massive Increase in HBL PSL Media Rights

The management of Pakistan Super League announced the media rights on Tuesday and it’s become a historic day for HBL Pakistan Super League. Everyone witnessed the massive increase in HBL PSL media rights for Live Streaming and TV Broadcasting by 113% and 45% respectively. HBL PSL TV Broadcasting and Live Streaming rights are sold for a combined sum of 8.2 billion PKR (approximately 29.60 million US Dollars to date) for the next two years.

National Media Rights of HBL PSL

ARY Communications (Pvt.) Limited put the highest bidding price of 6.3 billion PKR for TV Broadcasting Rights of HBL PSL and won with an increase of 45 percent as compared with the previous value of Pakistan Super League TV Broadcasting rights for the next two years i.e. PSL 9 2024 & PSL 10 2025 respectively.

Whereas, the Live Streaming Rights of HBL PSL are taken by Walee Technologies for 1.9 billion PKR for the next two years with an increase of 113 percent as compared with the previous value of HBL PSL Live Streaming rights.

Massive Increase in HBL PSL Media Rights
Massive Increase in HBL PSL Media Rights

It consists of the public tender process and each company has the right to submit its bid. It is a transparent and merit-based process and fortunately, ARY Communications submitted the highest bid and won this tender. Now, this company has the media rights of HBL PSL for the next 2 years.

As you know, it is an open and public-based tender. Different companies have the right to submit their bids. The following companies submit the bid for PSL media rights:

  • A consortium of ARY Communication Private Limited (ARY, Myco, Daraz, and Tamasha), Walee Technologies
  • Trans Group FZE
  • Pakistan Television Corporate Limited (PTVC)
  • IMC (Independent Media Corporation) – The Parent Company of GEO Entertainment Television Private Limited
  • Tower Sports (Tensports)

The bid committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board has announced the successful bid submitted by ARY Communication and Walee Technologies to the Competent Authority.

Stake-Holders Thoughts on Massive Increase in HBL PSL Media Rights

Zaka Ashraf, the Chairman of PCB Management Committee said his words to the successful bidders: “I want to congratulate ARY (Pvt.) Ltd., Walee Technologies, the PCB, its management committee, and all 6 franchises on this historic moment. HBL PSL is a massive brand and it has a gigantic fan following.

“It is an extraordinary moment as the prices for both of these rights are unmatched. This is a testament to the development of the HBL PSL brand and we are all waiting for HBL PSL 9 2024 to begin now.”

Salman Iqbal, Founder and CEO of ARY Digital said his words on achieving a successful bid for two years: “I am delighted that ARY (Pvt. Ltd.) has once again come out as the highest financial bidder for HBL PSL and that cricket fans of will be able to watch this mega event again on A Sports for the next two seasons of Pakistan Super League.

“My team and I have always prioritized Pakistan and this bid process is another indication of the same where we have gone almost 50 percent above the value we bid successfully in the previous cycle.

“Together with the PCB, ARY will work to further amplify the PSL brand in the next two seasons.”

Ahsan Tahir, Walee Technologies CEO and co-founder said his words on getting live-streaming media rights for two years: “We are honored to have won the bid for HBL PSL 9th 2024 season and 10th 2025 season live-streaming media rights. Walee Technologies looks forward to taking the HBL Pakistan Super League’s digital experience to the next level.

“We are in a position to make an investment of this magnitude because patriotic data-literate advertisers recognize that we are the only platform with the highest trust media touch-points that attract Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha customer segments.”

International Media Rights of HBL PSL

The HBL PSL witnessed a massive increase in HBL PSL media rights at the international level after the historic increase at the national level, i.e. 41% as compared to the previous year. The Trans Group FZE gets the rights for the 9th & 10th editions of this event.

There are 6 companies which were involved in the bidding process. The names of the companies are:

  • Trans Group FZE
  • ARY Communication/Myco
  • IMC (GEO)
  • Super Sports
  • Willow TV (Times Internet)
  • Flow Sports

Except for Pakistan, Trans Group won the bid for Global Media Rights all over the world for TV broadcast and live-stream. Previously, it was sold for FTP & HBL PSL together but this time it has been sold for HBL Pakistan Super League only.

Stakeholder’s Thoughts on Increase in Intl. HBL PSL Media Rights

Naila Bhatti – League Commissioner: “The HBL PSL has made a record-breaking sale of international media rights which shows the attraction of the HBL PSL in overseas regions around the world. The HBL PSL continues to grow by leaps and bounds outside of Pakistan as well.”

Rao Usman Hashim – COO of Trans Group: “Trans Group is proud to have acquired the global media rights for the PSL of the 9th & 10th editions. Trans Group, as Pakistan’s prime sports business group, has a rich history of supporting and standing behind PSL from the very 1st edition.”

The massive increase in HBL PSL media rights and everyone witnessed this gigantic movement. Now, these corporations have the right to PSL for the upcoming 2 seasons of the Pakistan Super League i.e.; 2024 & 2025. After this increase in TV Broadcasting and Live Streaming rights, Pakistan Super League now become the third most valuable Cricket League in the world surpassing the ILT20 and SA20 and now HBL PSL is just behind IPL and WPL. Cricket fans can enjoy the High-Quality visuals from the most entertaining T20 cricket league in the world.

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